Welcome to Theatre Professionals

We aim to create world-class standards for theatre practice in India.

We are a team of theatre practitioners, who use drama to:

  • Help schools enhance the learning experience for children - designing and executing drama programs that are an integral part of the school curriculum.

  • Improve the development of an organisation's human resources, by utilizing drama as a highly effective learning tool for the workplace.

  • Train theatre practitioners, giving them the skills with which to successfully create high quality theatre productions.

We cultivate a growing network of expertise from across India and the world, all of whom inform our practice in Mumbai. This includes resource people from the US, UK, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, and Japan, as well masters of theatre from Kerala, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Our ultimate goal, is to build both the methods and the means with which to create Theatre productions of the highest artistic standards, reaching as wide an audience as possible - Theatre that entertains and enriches our society.

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UDL in Mumbai!

We are back with our 'Using Drama for Learning' (UDL) workshop in Mumbai! This workshop is for for Educators and Trainers interested in the use of Drama as a teaching tool, along with Theatre Practitioners who are interested in the learning possibilities that Drama offers. More information here.


1. Executive Producer - Full JD here
2. Programme Assistant for the Young People's Theatre Programme - Full JD here
3. Marketing and Communications Executive - Full JD here
4. Project Co-Ordinator, The Drama School Mumbai - Full JD here
5. Drama in Schools Instructor - pan India - Full JD here
6. Operations Manager - Full JD here

Applications are welcome till positions are filled.

To Apply
Send your complete applications to info@theatreprofessionals.co.in
In case of further information, contact us on 9321595159 for further details.